Dr. Hickey brought perspective to my life that I did not think was possible in a short one hour presentation.Her analogies, sense of humor, and transparency was genius.

She made the audience challenge their thinking while making them feel validated. I have never waited in a line after a presentation to simply shake hands and thank the speaker for such an amazing job.

Debbie Patton

Cedar Creek Women’s Conference

Deitra makes it look so easy! She is a true natural and connects to the audience like I have never seen. What an amazing women, speaker, and inspiration!

Chastity Stephens

Heart of the Matter: Promedica Conference

Deitra is a true inspiration to others… she speaks openly and honestly about her life experiences and how they shaped her life.

I’ve listened to a number of motivational speakers in the past… but I have never had someone’s words resonate as strongly.

Her ideas and thoughts sparked something real for me – something that I could actually do in my own life and make a change immediately.

I would encourage you all to take a moment from your day to listen to her words.

Laura Elder

Root | Senior Consultant

I have had the good fortune to hear Dr. Deitra Hickey speak to our junior high students at St. Rose School on three occasions and have always walked away impressed.

The youth are thoroughly engaged and entertained during her talks.

She speaks directly to them, without being condescending, and brings great messages. Her topics have been varied and are finely tuned for the needs of our students.

She is a consummate professional and we won’t hesitate to bring Dr. Hickey back for future occasions.

Bill Hoyt

St. Rose

Your presentation was one of the best I have heard in a long time and I really took a lot away from it.

I think everyone needs to hear it, reflect on it, and maybe the world would be a much better place.

Joni Lashaway

Employer’s Association Annual Conference

Dr. Hickey is an excellent and approachable speaker who is passionate about helping others and guiding professionals to reach their potential.

I gained insight and perspective from her talk and I enjoyed the real world analogies that she presented.

Chris Kaiser

Society of Young Professionals Lunch & Learn

I attended the Employers Association conference at the suggestion of my boss and I am typically antsy and bored during most speaker’s presentation.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Dr. Hickey discuss life balance and stress reduction in such an entertaining and informative way.

She related with the audience and I was so surprised that an hour had passed because we were all so engaged with everything she was saying. Her high energy and passion was refreshing.

Jon Shordt

Employer’s Association Conference

I loved listening to Deitra speak at the 2014 Women’s Fabulous Conference. I honestly think she was the best speaker there!

She caught my attention right from the beginning with a video about her past. Deitra wasn’t afraid to share her own personal testimony which always makes it more personal when listening to someone.

She gave real life advice, was humorous, and knows how to keep your attention throughout the whole speech.

Her words impacted me more than she could ever know, it was an honor listening to her speak and I cannot wait for another opportunity!”

Nicole Strong

Women’s Church Conference

Interested in learning more?

Deitra’s presentations can be customized to fit your time frame; as short as a 30 minute lunch and learn to as long as a 3-6 hour (1/2 or full day) professional development.

Dr. Hickey can also participate in, create or facilitate wellness panel discussions and Q & As with various medical and holistic health professionals. These speakers can be an add-on to a keynote presentation or used in isolation if a panel is deemed more appropriate or desired.

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