By Dr. Deitra Hickey


Women’s Empowerment Night Out – DVD!

This DVD was filmed at Deitra’s Women Empowerment Night Out. The show was performed to a sold out crowd at Toledo’s Valentine Theater.

Normally priced at $20, but are available for $10 for a limited time, to celebrate Women’s Empowerment Day!


FEARLESS – Strenght, Faith, and Positivity in the Eyes of Adversity

We all want to be happy. Sometimes, happiness can be a challenge. In this book, you will hear the story of the woman who inspired this project. You will walk away with simple tools on how to practice positive perspective, maintain a healthy frame of mind, and attain grounded resilience even during your times of adversity. These tools can be used when periodic, smaller pitfalls arise as well as when you are faced with major life changing challenges. You deserve peace, happiness, and contentment, and it is our goal to help get you there.


When you’re feeling stressed, it’s easy to lose perspective. Minor things seem major, positives appear to be negative, and everything can start to feel catastrophic. When you lose sight of perspective, you fail to judge something’s real importance in
comparison with everything else.  Perspective is the lens in which we view life through. This book covers why we often lose perspective and offers simple strategies on how to help keep our stress in check regardless of circumstance. It focuses
on every day stressors as well as a major life change. Remember, you have the power to choose positive perspective, to take control of your days instead of your days controlling you, and to pursue a healthy
life balance. Your time starts TODAY!


Relatonships are ultmately the key to our happiness. The relatonships with our significant other, our children, our coworkers, the community, and even the relatonship that we hold within ourselves, can either enlighten our day to day or drain the positvity and happiness from us. We are in control of our ultmate peace and contentment but sometmes, we need a little help with how to handle difficult people, how to understand someone else’s point of view, and how to diffuse a negatve situaton or relationship.
This book is intended to give you realistic perspectives on varying situations while learning true blind empathy. Blind empathy is the idea that everyone has dealt with or is silently dealing with some level of adversity; the assumption that everyone has a story.

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